A tool for drafting and rewriting text and articles
A tool for drafting and rewriting text and articles

Gorewrite is a tool for rewriting, revising and amending articles and text documents.
You can use Gorewrite to draft, write, rewrite and revise text for documents, articles, essays, assignments, projects, website content, stories and other text into your own words.

There's nothing new under the sun!!! To write an article you need to gather what others have written from various sources and rewrite it in your own words. The modern approach is using the internet, but libraries are a great place to find material. What you have to do is to draft, re-write and reorganise the gathered material in you own words.

Where to start? This tool will help. Paste your collected research text into the box below. Gorewrite.com includes various tools to replace common words with synonyms. There are various options. We have prepared lists of three synomyns for the 8000 + most commonly used words in the English language. The set of 3 synonyms for each of thh 8000 words provides for a total of 8 substitute options.

To use Gorewrite you copy you source material into your clipboard paste your text into the text box. Then you can click one of the 5 'substitute' buttons and replacement words will be inserted and colored 'red'. The revised text is shown in a box below the 'edit' box. You can then either accept the modifications and paste the revise text into the 'edit' box, or try one of the other options. You can also multiply the changes by redoing the substitutions with one of the other options. Once you are satisfied with the substitutions you then start the revision stage. You can work through the text and made the changes you require. Synonym replacement is not perfect. There are verbs, nouns, adverbs, adjectives, etc., which means that a given word will have a variety of meanings. Likewise the same word may have various meanings and uses depending on its context in the sentence. So you will need to work through and edit the words and text to make the meaning clear and express it in your own words.

The 5 Options - which to choose?
There are three synonym for each word - let call them -word- , -syn1- and -syn2-
Substitute Option 1 is the one that makes most sense, each -word- is replaced with -syn1- most of the word selection is focused on this option.
Substitute Option 2 is the next best, each -word- is replaced with -syn2-.
Substitute Option 3 each -syn1- is replaced with -syn2-.
Substitute Option 4 does the substitution in reverse -syn1- is replaced with -word-.
Substitute Option 5 again in reverse each -syn2- is replaced with -word-.
The first two are likely to produce the best results without changes in grammar and should retain the least changes in meaning. The last three are meant to provide other alteratives and more radical suggestions for users to choose from.
You can repeat the process but this many produce obscure results.

An Online Dictionary and Thesaurus is provided to help you find new word suggestions. You should aim to re-express the material in your own words using the word suggestions and your own ideas.

The Gorewrite text editor is relatively simple, and so after rewriting the text you should copy and paste it into a word processor for final editing and formatting. You will also need to spell check the document.

What are the advantages of Gorewrite?

The advantages of Gorewrite are
=> the large number of words included - 3 synonyms for 8000 words.
=> the careful selection of the synonyms so that they work and make sense
=> the speed and ease of the replacements - the substitutes are delivered with simple button push and you can check he changes before accepting them.
=> the variety of options provided. The 3 synonyms for each word provide a total of 5 options for 'search and replacement'
=> the 'Edit Box' provides many editing and highlighting tools. Simply select the text to be modified and click the button to make the change required.
=> to prevent selected words being substituted simply change the first letter to a capital - as the tool is case-sensitive. These capitals can be easily added and removed using the find and replace tools of your text editor.
=> the first and last words in a sentence are not replaced. Gorewrite is case-sensitive and so the first word is not changed. Also Gorewrite only replaces words that have a 'space' before and after the word, or words followed by a comma (,). This helps to ensure the fundamental meaning of the text is retained.

Edit Box Options

Reorder Tool

Registering and Defaults

Sorry this tool is not free. You can run the various demonstrations to see how it works. But you will need to register and pay the once-off fee of $10. Once registered you can log in and use it as often as you like. We need to recover the huge cost of building and maintaining the 3 x 8000 word synonym libraries and other tools, and to support further research to improve and develop the Gorewrite tools. If you have any suggestions please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

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